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“I love my tub!! We barely used our deck before we got our tub and screened it in. Now we are out there every day we are home. It also turned into a wonderful place to be when the snow is flying. I am just so thrilled with how everything turned out.”

-Cynthia C. West Virginia

“We are putting together our 4ft Rubadub Tub. We are extremely pleased with and appreciative of the exceedingly detailed instructions, both written and video. Our confidence in the product grows with each step as it is obvious that you have responded to many problems that folks have had in the past and incorporated their issues into the instructions.”

-Gene H. Washington

Ty is amazing!! We have a 610 gal.(6x44) Great Northern Hot Tub - we love using it and I want to make sure I take care of it as best as possible. Ty is always willing to answer questions and is truly passionate about his company and customers!

Molly R.- Minnesota

“Great Northern’s product and customer service is incredible. I have seen many so called hot tubs and I can honestly tell you I would not trade mine for any of them. I have a real hot tub, not some knock off that you have to lay in to get wet. I think they build a superior product in many regards. We use our tub year round and I especially enjoy using this tub in the winter. There is nothing like jumping in the hot tub during a snow storm. Something about that makes the hot tub pleasure all that much more.”

-Scott O. Minnesota

“Thank you for your help on the phone today. We passed our inspection on the hot tub. The inspector was impressed with the literature GNHT had provided as well as the pump/filter system. The inspector also liked the test kit GNHT provided. Thanks again for your help. I must commend you for an excellent kit and superb instructions. Having been a new construction plumber for many years helped, but I followed your printed instructions to the letter and the tub turned out just perfect. Thanks for helping us add value to our guest’s experience”

-Matthew E. W.H.C. Lodge

“Thanks for inventing the Rubadub tub. This is our second one since the first probably is why our house sold so quickly. We found the directions and video thorough and complete; John said “they haven’t forgotten anything.” It is also less space than those big fiberglass preforms. Wherever we live, we will have a Rubadub hot tub. Thank you.”

-Jim and Barbara R. Wisconsin

“I purchased a hot tub 7’ x 54” and have it up and running. I just wanted to let you know that I am pleased with the system and found your kit as advertised.”

-Bill D. Illinois

"To Bill and everyone at Great Northern HAPPY HOLIDAYS  from a more than satisfied customer. Your 5' rub a dub tub is fantastic, Since we got it in July and started using it in mid Aug.fist two months we used it every night now we average 4 to 5 nights a week. Thank you for such a high quality product. "

“Thank you for your advice on the pump noise on my wonderful hot tub. It was the suction screens needing cleaning. Thanks again Jeff and Martha two happy tubbers.”

-Jeff D. Florida

“I’ve been done with the tub for quite a while now and thought you might like to know there has only been one day they haven’t been in it.”

-Joe S. Illinois

“Now that is customer service! Better than customer service—I’m not sure if I’d take that much trouble for a member of my own family. Thank you so much for your superhuman efforts to make up for my mistakes.”

-Christopher M. Pennsylvania

I purchased a hot tub from Great Northern about 4 years ago.  Loved it! Roll top is a must, light, convenient to open and just hop right in.  We set it up just outside the back door of our house in Maple Grove, Minnesota.  Great Northern folks were, well, "great".  They fitted the seats just right for me(6') and my wife(5'2"), then delivered and setup the tub. We used it all year-no problems at all. We called it our "Minnesota swimming pool".
We recently sold our house and downsized into an apartment, so I moved the hot tub it to my nephew's house in Illinois.  He and his wife love it.

-Bob C. Minnesota

“I have had a Great Northern Tub for almost 20 years now and have found the company very helpful and reasonable in helping me with questions I may have. I will tell you that if you follow their recommendations on water chemicals you will get a long life and hours of enjoyment from their tubs.”

-Ron T. Minnesota

“We’re very excited about the tub! The staff at Great Northern has been wonderful to work with; thanks again for your efforts.”

-Carrie W. Oregon

“You asked me to let you know what was wrong with my pump-it was a clogged filter-I removed it, turned on the pump and water came through the tub…I cleaned the filter thoroughly with detergent, rinsed it good, and now the water pumps at low speed. Thanks so much for your help!! I am very happy with my tub and your continued support.”

-Michael N. Minnesota

"The 5' depth is great, absolutely relaxing at 104 degrees. Last night seeing a shooting star. I didn't install a bench seat as it would take up too much floor space (4' dia x 60" depth). Probably will use pool noodles to float or sit on for suspended enjoyment. I found a perfect 5' aluminum bunk bed  ladder that makes easy entry and exit. It hooks to side and just touches bottom and has rubber padded steps. We really like the look and quality of the hot tub. Thanks for everything."
- Bob M. Virginia

“I just wanted to say thanks for your help on my hot tub. I’m not very mechanical, and your help over the phone, and in your note, were just what I needed. My son and his wife came home Friday for a surprise visit and wanted to use the tub. The parts came about 3pm, and now, Saturday morning, it’s ready for the rest of their stay. Thanks again.”

-Rich W. Iowa

“Aloha Great Northern, It’s been more than a couple years since we bought our tub from you and we still love it!! We did convert is successfully to fully propane heated. We have had several people jealous of our conversion and want to convert to propane, since that is the typical rural life-style here on the big island.”

-Phil and Lunel H. Hawaii

“Thank you for shipping the hot tub parts I ordered so promptly. I must say you have provided exceptional customer service for everything we have needed since purchasing our hot tub several years ago at the Minnesota State Fair.”

-Chris T. Wisconsin

“Dear Great Northern Staff,

"I have just used the newly lined and heated hot tub for the first time- and I couldn’t be more pleased. Our experience with Great Northern has been superb. Please feel free to use us as a reference. I can’t say enough good things about Tyler’s professionalism, conscientiousness, and competence. He was a delight to have working in our home, and he went above and beyond installing the new heater on short notice on Saturday. Finally, the new cover is a beautiful piece of workmanship. We’re very, very satisfied. Thanks for your phone call checking in. We’ll be back in touch about a tub and cover for our Colorado cabin. Thank you.”

-Michael P. Minnesota

“Our entire story is too long to tell in this letter, but we would share it if someone needs to call for “insiders” information.

Since we purchased from you and got our Rubadub tub up and running, with your help, Loraine has felt better. As you know she has 2 inoperable discs and fibromyalgia. Each day starts with her doing stretching exercises in the tub and during the winter months…ends that way. Our Great Northern Rubadub is a way of life.

Now the real story is in the service and support you’ve provided over the years. We’re no good at construction and you walked us through it. We’re no good at chemistry and you continue to explain it to us, we’re no good at maintenance and you continue to teach us. Actually, we’re only good at one thing…soaking.

Thanks to our Great Northern RubadubTub, designed for Loraine’s personal needs, our lives are healthier and we are enriched by our friendship with you, built over the years.

We hope this letter helps put a Great Northern Rubadub in every home, and creates the smiles and comfort it brought to us. The only regret you may have is…’why didn’t I do it sooner’.”

Warm Regards,

-Nathan and Loraine H. Minnesota

“We are extremely pleased with our purchase and we have been enjoying the tub for almost 2 years now. The ease of maintenance and the relaxation and comfort it has brought to our lives has made it the centerpiece of our home. Our friends and family are all impressed and we are very proud to own it.”

-Bob and Susan S. Illinois

“Thanks very much. Your support has been excellent all the way along from purchase to install.”

-Jay P. Arizona

“Thank you for the great service!!”

-Dean S. Illinois

“We have had our Rubadub Tub from Great Northern Hot Tubs for about 15 years now and we still love it. We had the wooded tub recessed evenly with our redwood deck so we could step down into the hot tub. We enjoy our tub year round especially in the winters of Lake Tahoe. We also have the wooden Roll-Up Cover for our hot tub that is not only beautiful and durable but so easy to use. We are completely satisfied with this company and the help they have provided for us. If you are still undecided about purchasing a hot tub, I can only acknowledge that if we ever decided to purchase another hot tub, there would be no hesitation for us to buy another Great Northern Hot Tub.”

-Carolyn C. California

"Last fall we purchased the OpuSpa 5 x 3, and could not be happier!  Our family uses it at least 2 times a day.  Keep up the great work.

 Thanks again for everything."

Travis A. Minnesota

“I purchased and built your hot tub kit about 5 years ago.  I have taken great care to maintain it and have to say, I am really impressed with the relatively hassle free ownership.”

Scott P. California




“Firstly, what a fabulous product! Well crafted and finished. You should try and hook up with an Australian distributor. This product perfectly finishes a cedar hot tub compared to other synthetic products on the market.

Package arrived in perfect condition-well packed.

Thanks again for all your help. You deserve to do well!”

-Mark R. Australia

“I have attached the photos of the new spa cover from different angles. The cover looks beautiful. It is easy for my wife to open and close by herself. Thank you for making our cover.”

-John K. California

“Our cover arrived. We’ve applied the coating and are now enjoying the delights of rolling our top back with ease. Thanks for all your support. It was wonderful having the conversation with the owner/designer and getting a bit of the background history of the cover. Sometimes it’s a small world and it’s nice to get the connection and validation of that. My husband is delighted and that’s who this was all about. So, thanks again.”

-Megan S. California

“Got my cover today. Put a coat of poly on it and screwed it down. Fits perfectly and is a beautiful piece of work. I hope my spa lasts as long as the top. Thanks for the good work.”

-John D. Georgia

“We received the cover in perfect condition, even though the exterior strapping had torn through the cardboard during shipping. You sure know how to protect your product! I was impressed at the attention to detail in packaging, as well as the fine workmanship, measuring and treatment of the wood. I did exactly as instructed and used a Tung oil (6 coats over 2 weeks!) to provide a waterproof seal-gorgeous! The beautiful new cover has made our hot tub one of our favorite pieces of “furniture”! We like things done right, and could not be any happier-it was obvious that engineers were involved from beginning to end. Thanks again!”

-Nora B. Virginia

“I recently bought a Roll-Up hot tub cover for my oval wooden hot tub and I LOVE IT! It is the best ever and I am beyond happy with it. Thank you so much!”

-Marnie R Colorado

“Oiled the oval roll-up cover and it looks great. Thanks for a well made product!”

-Kit B. California