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<p>Round cedar hot tub built into the corner of new wooden backyard back.</p>

Cedar Hot Tub® compliments new deck in a St Paul, MN backyard. (7'x44")

<p>Rubadub Tub® western red cedar hot tub built into a deck outside a log cabin home.</p>

Rubadub Tub® with unique Great Northern hard Roll-Up® Cover built into a deck adjoining a log home. (6'x44")

<p>Woman sitting in a portable Great Northern cedar hot tub at a campground.</p>

Portable Cedar OpuSpa™ Hot Tub – Set Up or Take Down in 30 Minutes! (4'x35")

<p>Great Northern western red cedar hot tub in a creative indoor installation.</p>

Western Red Cedar Rubadub Tub® shown in a creative indoor installation. (7'x44")

<p>Great Northern Rubadub Tub western red cedar hot tub with a rolled-up cover nearby with small surrounding deck in a garden setting.</p>

Western red cedar Rubadub Tub® with a flush seating deck in garden setting. (6’x44”)

<p>5' >

5' diameter x 44" depth cedar Rubadub Tub® in a 12'x12' Basswood gazebo.

<p>Looking down into a Great Northern cedar hot tub showing its adjustable-height bench seats.</p>

Adjustable-height bench seats mean comfortable seating for everyone. (7’x44”)

<p>Sunroom installation of a round cedar wood hot tub built into a surrounding deck with two steps and a recessed edge.</p>

Beautiful interior setting with tub built into a comfortable, two-level deck. (6'x44")

<p>Round hot tub recessed into a radial-planked deck with lake view.</p>

Rubadub Tub® recessed into a radial-planked deck, with Great Northern’s walk-on, Roll-Up® Cover. (5'x44")

<p>Custom built Great Northern Western Red Cedar Roll-Up® Cover on an inground gunite spa.</p>

Beautiful Roll-Up® custom-built hard wood spa cover is strong enough to walk on even across a 12-foot span.

<p>Western red cedar roll-up spa cover on cement spa surrounded by rock trim.</p>

This custom-ordered 12’ wide Roll-Up® Cover adds visual variety and elegance to this stone-trimmed spa. See more info on our covers.

<p>Cedar hot tub built into a small deck overlooking a tree-lined lake.</p>

Cedar hot tub built into a perfect deck for taking in all of the surrounding nature – day or evening.

<p>Wood Roll-Up® Cover on a deep 7’ tub with unique fluch seating curved around the front side of the tub.</p>

Roll-Up® Cover made from vertical grain western red cedar around one of our tubs (7’x54”)

<p>Woman in yellow swimsuit relaxing in a round cedar hot tub surrounded by stepped deck and Roll-Up® Cover conveniently stored nearby.</p>

Cedar hot tub surrounded by beautiful stepped deck. Notice the Roll-Up® Cover stored nearby. (6’x44”)

<p>Two-story deck attached to the back of a two-story house with a round hot tub built into the stairway landing, as it descends to the ground.</p>

This 6' x 44" Rubadub Tub® installed in the stairway landing makes it accessible from both the ground or the second story of the house. The project was designed around the hot tub.

<p>Woman standing next to six-foot deep cedar wood hot tub. </p>

Super deep hot tub for general exercise or physical therapy. (5’x72”)

<p>Redwood hot tub built into a multi-level deck in a backyard patio-garden setting.</p>

Rubadub Tub® built into a multi-level deck that’s perfect for outdoor entertaining. (6’x44”)

<p>Cedar hot tub and surround deck overlooking Lake Minnetonka at sunrise.</p>

Great Northern® Rubadub Tub® with beautiful stepped deck overlooking Lake Minnetonka at sunrise.

<p>Natural wood Roll-Up® Cover on an in-ground spa, built level to the ground.</p>

Another GN Roll-Up® Cover solving a design and safety challenge for a spa built level to the ground.

<p>Outdoor round wooden hot tub with small deck in a rock garden and pond.</p>

Traditional redwood hot tub in a Japanese-like rock garden.

<p>A custom kidney shaped roll-up cover for an in-ground spa displayed on a concrete patio.</p>

Custom kidney shaped Roll-Up® Cover for an in-ground spa. Call us for a quote on a cover for your spa.

<p>Woman rolling back an insulating wooden roll-up cover on a round cedar hot tub.</p>

Very strong Great Northern® Original Roll-Up® Cover. This great looking cover rolls up quickly and is conveniently stored next to the tub.

<p>Hot tub with air bubbler turned on producing thousands of tiny bubbles for an all over massage.</p>
<p> </p>
<p> </p>

Great Northern® bubbler system operating at full throttle. It’s relaxing just looking at it.

<p>Indoor round cedar hot tub built into large modular steps and seating.</p>

Indoor round cedar Rubadub Tub® with modular steps and surround seating.

<p>Indoor hot tub installation surrounded by a flush deck for seating accessed by steps on either side.</p>

Indoor installation of Rubadub Tub® hot tub with steps, flush seating and a cabinet.

<p>Cedar hot tub added to an existing large backyard deck.</p>

Great Northern® Rubadub Tub® hot tub recessed into a large backyard deck.

<p>Custom cedar roll-up cover on an in-ground poolside spa with a flagstone deck.</p>

Custom Great Northern Roll-Up® Cover is a functional and attractive addition to this poolside, in-ground spa. Learn more about our Roll-Up® Covers.

<p>Parents and their three children wearing Santa hats sitting in a round hot tub on Christmas day.</p>

Perfect Christmas card photo in a Rubadub Tub® (6’x44”)

<p>Build your own personal seat in our systems, the options are endless in jet layouts ideas. </p>

Build your own personal seat in our systems, the options are endless in jet layouts ideas. 

<p>Round hot tub surrounded by a small deck for easy seating located in the corner of a family room.</p>

Rubadub Tub® hot tub installed in the corner of a family room, surrounded by a small deck for easy seating and topped off with a matching Roll-Up® Cover.

<p>Round cedar wood hot tub with unique wood roll-up cover in a 2 Level Deck with steps.</p>

Rubadub Tub® and Great Northern’s Roll-Up® Cover in a 2-level deck with steps.

<p>Western Red Cedar Roll-Up® Cover with rounded corners on a rectangular molded jacuzzi spa.</p>

Great Northern Roll-Up® Cover custom made to fit a molded rectangular fiberglass spa. Learn how to measure for a custom cover.

<p>Free-standing portable round cedar hot tub in a deck with steps.</p>

Rubadub Tub® round wooden tub in a free-standing portable deck in a Florida backyard.

<p>Lightweight and easily portable hot tub is squeezed into an oval to fit through a doorway.</p>

Lightweight and easily portable Rubadub Tub® is “ovalized” to fit through a doorway.

<p>Cedar hot tub on a large wood deck surrounded by a second level that provides flush seating around the tub.</p>

Rubadub Tub® and Roll-Up® Cover in a large 2-level deck with flush seating.

<p>Two-level deck being constructed around a cedar hot tub. Construction almost complete.</p>

Small two-level deck project surrounding the hot tub. Almost done!

<p>Bathroom installation of a hot tub with insulated wood roll-up cover recessed in a large bathroom cabinet.</p>

Hot tub with matching insulated wood Roll-Up® Cover recessed in a cabinet installed in a bathroom with river rock flooring. (4’x44”)

<p>Interior of a round hot tub showing custom-placed jets and adjustable bench seats.</p>

Rubadub Tub® hot tubs have jets placed where you want them and adjustable-height bench seats.

<p>Cedar hot tub with flush-seating deck surrounding half of the tub and showing customizable jets.</p>

Rubadub Tub® with flush-seating deck with back rest surrounding half of the tub and showing customizable jets in an outdoor setting.

<p>Do-it-yourself gazebo project incorporating a round hot tub and surrounding deck.</p>

Do-it-yourself gazebo project with a Great Northern Rubadub Tub® as the main attraction.

<p>Round hot tub 5 feet in diameter packed with ten teenagers.</p>

A 5'x44" Rubadub Tub® with ten teenagers packed in.

<p>Top view of a round hot tub with 7 regular jets and 1 monster Jet turned on for display.</p>

Top view of a 7’x44” Rubadub Tub® with 7 regular jets and 1 monster jet on for display. Placement of all jets is customizable to customer’s preference.

<p>Large round hot tub sunken into the floor of a therapy room. Photo also shows the wood, roll-up cover.</p>

Large and deep Great Northern® hot tub used for therapy and exercise sunken in floor for easy entry and exit. The strong, wood, walk-on Roll-Up® Cover is easily rolled up and stored next to the tub. No lifting is involved!

<p>Interior view of a large exercise and hydrotherapy tub, showing bench seats that also serve as steps to enter and exit the 6’ deep tub.</p>

An interior view of a large exercise and hydrotherapy tub, showing bench seats that also serve as steps to enter and exit the 6’ deep tub.

<p>Wooden roll-up cover on a rectangular in-ground stone spa.</p>

A Great Northern fully insulated Roll-Up® Cover on a custom in-ground stone spa. The cover is strong enough to walk on, yet easily rolls up and stores at the end of the tub. No lifting!

<p>A round cedar hot tub in a backyard corner with surrounding seating and a privacy fence.</p>

A Rubadub Tub® with surround seating, steps and a privacy fence creates an idyllic backyard oasis.  (6’x44”)

<p>Close up view of a unique solid wood roll-up spa cover.</p>

Close-up shot of a Great Northern, fully-insulated, solid wood Roll-Up® Cover. Great looking and strong. No more lifting waterlogged foam covers!

<p>Pile of discarded, water-logged foam spa covers.</p>

Avoid dealing with the short lifespan of foam spa covers. Great Northern’s strong, fully-insulated, wood Roll-Up® Covers never need to be tossed out.