Wooden Roll-Up Hot Tub-Spa Covers
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Wooden Roll Up Cover

Great Northern® Hot Tubs Wooden Roll-Up Cover™ - Minneapolis, Minn.

Custom wooden Roll-Up Covers™ for your round hot tub, spa or swim spa

The best in custom made wooden Roll-Up® Covers are manufactured right here in Minneapolis , Minnesota . Home of the Minnesota Twins and the Minnesota Vikings. When you purchase one of our wooden Roll-Up® Covers for your hot tub or spa you deserve to have not only a beautiful design but also have your cover made with strength, quality and durability for maximum weather conditions. We at Great Northern® Hot Tubs recognize what our customers really need, so we focused all our technology and experiences on the perfect hot tub cover and developed our trade mark superior design that has complete satisfaction with every one of our customers.

When you are ready to use your hot tub or spa, how happy are you with your hot tub cover? Is it bulky, heavy, odd shaped, or clumsy to remove? Do you use extraneous words? How is your breathing? Are you too exhausted to get into your hot tub? How often do you have to replace your hot tub cover because of poor quality or from harsh weather conditions? If you click on our photo gallery you will be amazed to see a great depression of Styrofoam covers that have deteriorated within a short period of time not commensurate with their hot tubs. It is obvious how frustrated and unhappy customers are with this inferior, defective product which is beyond any repair. The truth with "Great Northern® Hot Tubs is we believe in our name and have built a Great reputation for over thirty years of customer satisfaction. Our custom made wooden roll-up hot tub covers are lightweight, easy to assemble and easy to use in seconds. Our staff, supervisors and production people all take pride with the superb quality, design, and durability of Great Northern® Wooden Roll-Up® Covers that our customers expect and deserve. You will be pleasantly happy and also proud to own one of our custom made wooden Roll-Up® Covers

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Great Northern® Wooden Roll-Up® Covers
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