Great Northern® Hot Tubs Rubadub Tubs, round wooden spas and Roll-Up Covers™
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Rubadub Tub®, a wide, deep Hot Tub ideal for Hydrotherapy-GNHT

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This Rubadub Tub® wooden Hot Tub with multi-purpose benches, relaxing seats and massaging jets is perfect for Hydrotherapy and exercise.

Rubadub Tub®, a wide, deep Hot Tub ideal for Hydrotherapy

Rubadub Tub® round wooden spa

This Rubadub Tub® is 9 feet in diameter and 6 feet deep. The Hot Tub offers dual-purpose benches, which act as steps to enter and exit the tub, with seats for relaxing and jets for massage. The open area allows ample room for water aerobics or Hydrotherapy exercise.