Great Northern« Hot Tubs Rubadub Tubs, round wooden spas and Roll-Up CoversÖ
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Great Northern® Hot Tubs Rubadub Tubs® and Roll-Up® Covers

Hot Tub installations designed and built by homeowners and contractors

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This round wooden Rubadub Tub® is set in a 2 Level Deck, a great do-it-yourself backyard improvement project.
Rubadub Tub® in a 2 Level Deck
Rubadub Tub« in a 2 Level Deck w/steps, a round wood hot tub that is durable, efficient and blends perfectly with the wooden deck.
Rubadub Tub« in a 2 Level Deck w/steps
A round wooden spa, the Rubadub Tub«, topped by a wooden Roll-Up« Cover set in a Multi-Level Deck makes for backyard bliss
Rubadub Tub« in a Multi-Level Deck | Backyard Bliss
HoHoHo! The Rubadub Tub® round cedar Hot Tub makes a wonderful family gif,  perfect for birthday, anniversary or Christmas.
Celebrate! Round wooden cedar spas for every occasion

The Rubadub Tub« turns this backyard deck into an outdoor leisure living space. The Rubadub Tub« is a round wooden hot tub that
Rubadub Tub« round spa in a leisure living space
Creative Do-it-yourself project incorporating the Rubadub Tub« round wooden hot tub in a custom Gazebo w/steps, a work-in-progress.
Do-it-yourself Rubadub Tub« & Gazebo project
Our round Rubadub Tubs« have less surface area than square, rectangular or octagon spas equaling less heat loss and lower cost of operation.
Rubadub Tubs« round spa, fully lined with wooden skirt
Stunning Radial Deck surrounding sunken Rubadub Tub®. The extended tail cover rolls past the tub edge for more usable deck area.
Rubadub Tub® in radial deck - Custom outdoor Hot Tub design in radial deck

Custom designed round wooden hot tub in a sunroom,  your sanctuary with an insulated round redwood or cedar Rubadub Tub® with a view.
Rubadub Tub® in Sunroom
Extra Deep custom wooden Hot Tub for exercise, weight loss, surgery re-hab & conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, Type II Diabetes
Custom Therapy Hot Tub / Exercise Hot Tub
Inside a Round Wooden Tub<br>
Wooden Spas with layered, adjustable height bench seats to accommodate everyone from small to tall.
Round Hot Tubs with benches and jets placed where you want them
Rubadub Tub« Hot Tub adjustable benches layer your seats at various levels so everyone has sholder level water and plenty of legroom.
Adjustable benches in the Rubadub Tub« Hot Tub

Indoor Hot Tub w/steps and seating- Rubadub Tubs« are designed for easy indo r relocation, ovalizing to fit through a 30" door.
Tubbing indoors is fun too in a Rubadub Tub« round wooden tub
Indoor round cedar Hot Tub, the Rubadub Tub® w/large modular Steps and Seating, designed with Western Red Cedar or optional Redwood.
Indoor round cedar hottub, Rubadub Tub® w/ modular Steps and Seating
This indoor round wood Hot Tub installation in a surrounding deck has steps and a recessed edge.
Indoor round wooden Hottub w/steps and recessed edge
Outdoor round wooden tub with deck. Surrounded by a Rock Garden,it  makes a relaxing spot to free your mind and soak away your stress.
Round wooden Rubadub Tub« Hot Tub with deck in Rock Garden

Two Level Deck for a round wood hot tub project being assembled
Two Level Deck for a round wood hot tub project
This sunken indoor round wood hot tub with seating and surrounding wooden deck turns an ordinary room into a relaxing getaway space.
Sunken indoor Round Wood Hot Tub with seating and surrounding Deck
Family Room sunken round Rubadub Tub« Hot Tub with custom decking for easy entry/exit from the hot tub and a place to sit to cool down.
Family Room Fun in a Rubadub Tub«
Great Northern Roll-Up® Covers-quality, custom made hot tub covers that do not water log, designed to provide many years of service.
Typical waterlogged Styrofoam Hot Tub and Spa Covers

Indoor Rubadub Tub® Hot Tub in a custom surrounding wooden deck with steps, seating and a cabinet enclosing the spa equipment pack.
Indoor Rubadub Tub® Hot Tub w/steps, seating and cabinet
Add more space to an existing deck with a built on addition of a recessed Great Northern® Rubadub Tub® hot tub on an oval deck.
Recessed Great Northern« Rubadub Tub« Hot tub on an Oval Deck
Soaking in a Great Northern« Rubadub Tub« with the sunrise on Lake Minnetonka in the background is a great way to start the day
Great Northern« Rubadub Tub« and the sunrise on Lake Minnetonka
Great Northern® Rubadub Tub® Hot Tub-Hot Water Therapy Tub with wooden Roll-Up® Cover sunken in the floor for easy entry and exit.
Great Northern« Rubadub Tub« Hot Tub / Therapy Tub sunken in floor

In pain? Our extra deep Rubadub Tubs® hot tubs are a wonderful alternative to large, expensive swimming pools for Hydrotherapy.
Extra deep Rubadub Tub« wooden hot tub for Hydrotherapy
This Rubadub Tub® wooden Hot Tub with multi-purpose benches, relaxing seats and massaging jets is perfect for Hydrotherapy and exercise.
A wide and deep Rubadub Tub® wooden hot tub ideal for Hydrotherapy
Round wooden hot tub in a free-standing portable deck w steps. Turn down the hot tub heater to chill on hot summer days.
Rubadub Tub« round wooden tub in a free-standing portable deck
A quality custom Roll-Up® Cover for your hot tub or spa maintains consistent R-values-built for durability, ease of use and beauty.
Custom Roll-Up Covers® for your hot tub or spa

The Rubadub Tub® round redwood hot tub, 5 ft diameter & 44 in deep, offers much more room than a moulded plastic fibreglass spa.
Rubadub Tub« round wooden hot tub
Ready for relaxation with a custom built Roll-Up« Cover on a gunite spa in Sun Valley, ID.
Custom built hard wooden spa cover, the Roll-Up« Cover
Rubadub Tub« round hot tub & Roll-Up« Cover hard hot tub cover. This 6
Rubadub Tub« round hot tub & hard Roll-Up« Cover
Great Northern® hot tubs and custom wooden roll up covers -  support U.S. Manufacturers
Great Northern® hot tubs and custom wooden roll up covers - Support U.S. Manufacturers

The Great Northern® Hot Tub air bubbler hydrotherapeutic massage is like sitting in a vat of champagne.
Great Northern® Bubbler System in Action