Custom Hot Tub-Spa Covers-Roll-Up Spa Covers
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Custom Roll-Up® Spa Covers

- How to Measure:
1. Draw accurate picture of desired cover.
2. Provide as many measurements as possible i.e. Length, Width, Sides, Point to Point, Diameter, Radiuses, etc.  Wood hot tub covers should be sized 1 1/2" to 2" larger in diameter to prevent the cover from falling into the tub. Plastic spas are generally measured from edge of plastic to edge of plastic. Concrete or tile spas are measured I.D. plus 4"-5" overlap per side. Consult with the factory.
3. Choose tail option and show location on drawing.
4. Standard inside and outside corner radiuses are 1 1/2". Show location and dimensions of non-standard corner radiuses.
5. On impossible to measure covers such as kidneys, teardrops, etc. Stretch polyethylene film across the spa tightly using nails tape, etc.  Make a tracing on the poly using a magic marker.  If the cover is to be different from the shape of the spa show this clearly and accurately on the template. Indicate which side of the template faces up.
6. Show the direction the cover is to roll to when stored.

Tail Options:

The tail attaches the cover to tub or deck and provides a resting place for the cover when rolled up.  The standard tail is 28" wide by approximately 13" long and is provided without charge.  The tail is normally attached to the spa skirting or decking.  Full width or extended tails are available at an additional charge.  Free-standing tubs or spas may require optional mounting brackets. Tail-less covers can to provided when no area exists for the tail to mount.

Great Northern Hot Tubs Custom Roll-Up Covers diagram
Additional Information:
1. Covers are manufactured of Clear Heart, Vertical Grain, Full Sized Structural Slats. Coastal Western Red Cedar is standard.
2. Custom Covers are priced per square foot. No additional charges are made for standard tails.
3. All covers are supplied without finish.  Sealer should be applied before use.
4. Orders for custom covers require seven or more working days.
5. Shipments are made in heavy duty double wall cardboard cartons by common carrier. Covers over 8' require wood shipping crate.
6. Covers weigh approximately 2.0 pounds per square foot. Our insulating foam is approxmately 50% thicker than the competiton.
7. Great Northern® Roll-Up® Covers include a Ten Year Limited "won't waterlog" warranty - the longest in the industry!